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Investor Warning

Please be aware of scams that can affect investors.

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NMPI Status

The Company currently conducts its affairs so that securities issued by Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC can be recommended by financial advisers to ordinary retail investors in accordance with the FCA’s rules in relation to non-mainstream pooled investment products (NMPIs) and intends to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

The Company’s securities are excluded from the FCA’s restrictions which apply to non-mainstream investment products because they are securities in an investment trust.


Pre-investment Disclosure Document (PIDD)

The Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (“AIFMD”) requires Aberdeen Fund Managers Limited, as the alternative investment fund manager of Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC, to make available to investors certain information prior to such investors’ investment in the Company.

The AIFMD is intended to offer increased protection to investors in investment products that do not fall under the existing European Union regime for regulation of investment products known as “UCITS”.

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Risk Warning

The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may get back less than the amount invested. The tax benefits relating to ISA investments may not be maintained. Please refer to the Key Facts documents contained in the ISA/Share Plan Brochure & Application form for general and specific investment risks attaching to the individual trusts.

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Past Performance

Past performance is not a guide to future results.
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Daily Data

At close 01-Oct-2014

Net Dividend Yield1.03%

3.5% CULS 2019

Source: Morningstar, NAV = Net Asset Value, excluding income.


Trust Details

Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC

Registered Office:
Bow Bells House
One Bread Street

Registered in England and Wales as an Investment Company Number 3106339


Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC


To maximise total return to Shareholders over the long term from a portfolio of smaller quoted companies (with a market capitalisation of up to approximately US$1 billion at time of investment) in the economies of Asia and Australasia, excluding Japan.


Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies Investment Trust plc Half Year Report for the six months to 31 Jan 2014
Christopher Wong, Senior Investment Manager

In this webcast Christopher Wong gives an update on a wide range of subjects including performance, a sector breakdown, top twenty largest investments and an outlook for the Trust.

Click here to listen to the presentation



Manager's Monthly Report

August 2014

Market Review

Uneven economic growth and the prospect of higher US interest rates jostled against hopes of additional stimulus in Europe, returning modest US dollar-based gains across Asian small-cap stocks in August.

Portfolio Review

In August, we introduced First Sponsor, a Singapore-listed China property company. One of its major shareholders is the Kwek family, who is the largest stakeholder of our core large-cap holding City Developments.

Results across our holdings were encouraging overall. Notable beneficiaries of a better operating environment were Asian Terminals in the Philippines, as well as Thailand’s Hana Microelectronics. Meanwhile, AEON Stores Hong Kong returned to profitability amid a turnaround in its mainland operations.

Exceptions included Pacific Basin Shipping, which was hurt by a non-cash impairment in its towage business. Nevertheless, the company continues to run a solid operation in its core chartering business. Elsewhere, retailer Giordano continues to struggle with sluggish sales, but its solid balance sheet should withstand current headwinds from China.


Interest rate decisions taken by major central banks will continue to shape the direction of capital flows into Asia. While Europe and Japan are expected to keep rates pinned to the floor, the US recovery has given investors reason to worry about an earlier-than-expected normalisation of Fed policy. This could result in market volatility over the short term as the cost of capital rises and liquidity declines. Uncertainty is also likely to persist should tensions in Ukraine spike amid claims of widespread Russian troop presence and violence in the Middle East escalate. On the other hand, the prospect of continued selective stimulus in China and additional quantitative easing in Europe could help buffer against any market downside, while gradually improving demand from the US should underpin Asian exports. We remain watchful, but take comfort in the strength of our holdings, which we believe will withstand the current headwinds. Their focus on controlling costs and improving margins should reap dividends when the cycle turns.

Source: Monthly Factsheet Aberdeen Asset Managers Limited